May 08





May 06

Two Rules to Conversation -

Look. Follow these two rules and you won’t piss off anyone ever again.

May 02

The Reflecting Pool(e) -

Read and enjoy my friends.

Apr 29

2014 wishlist ok




keep that delta team in it for the old ladies like me.

Apr 28

Anonymous said: I really want to audition for gateway this year, but I'm afraid I won't make it. I'm only 15 ( will be 16). I have the work ethic, but I'm afraid my age and lack of experience will get in the way. I'm currently section leader and center marimba at my school. Even though you are in battery, I was just wondering on any tips to help me make gateway?

The number one thing you should do is prepare the audition materials so well that you can’t be nervous because you know that you know them.  The second most important thing is to feel confident and exude said confidence.  If you are timid, you won’t stand out and the phrase “you need more experience” will be used.  Don’t give anyone a chance to deny you.  If you want to make Gateway you are fully capable as long as you believe in yourself and put the work in.  

Apr 23

I am litrally the worst at tumblr. Teach me the tumblr ways tumblr people.

Apr 22

Things I’ve learned today:

When you consistently work out and eat well, when you ball out and eat at Willy’s Mexican Cantina, that burrito bowl is a ton of food and you feel awful.

Also, drinking a frozen sweet tea and eating a tag-a-long cupcake shake (yeah. you heard that right. HOW COULD YOU NOT?) for dessert on top of your giant burrito bowl meal (that did have the tortilla on the side and chips)….. yields a very upset tummy.